Can Tangerines Help You Lose Weight

Weight loss is desired by many and people are ready to shell out any amount just to obtain that perfect physique. There are literally ‘n’ number of fad diets that would restrict your food choices to meet the ideal weight and help in weight loss. Also there are many exercise techniques that cause weight loss. But not all of these techniques guarantee foolproof results and the weight loss results differ from one person to another. Some of the diets are also accompanied by side effects. Crash dieting also has many side effects and the weight loss in the person is often just a temporary effect. So what is the best way to burn unwanted and extra calories? According to majority of health experts, lifestyle modification is the best and safest way to lose weight. A sedentary lifestyle with no physical activity is the primary cause for weight gain; though in some people a huge physique is hereditary.

The food you eat also has a huge impact on your body shape. Consumption of fatty and fried food on a regular basis promotes the deposition of fat in the body. If you consume the right food and also exercise regularly, you will definitely experience weight loss, sooner or later. So what are the foods you should consume to supplement your weight loss regimen? Well, the food you consume should be rich in all the essential nutrients and should also be low on the fat and carbohydrate content. Fruits and green leafy vegetables are the best foods for weight loss. This is because, they almost contain zero fat, and are also very high on energy levels. So now, if you are planning to buy tangerines, it’s a good move if weight loss is what you desire, because these citrus fruits will help you in your weight loss goal and also keep you energized all throughout the day. There are many health benefits that they have, making them a nutritious food choice.

Nutritional Information

Tangerine or mandarin orange, with its fruity delicious taste is liked by all. This citrus fruit closely resembles an orange but is just a little more sour in taste than an orange. It is available in many sizes from as small as a walnut to as large as an orange. The prominent varieties are – tangelos, clementines, and satsumas. There is a minor difference between all these varieties, and the classification is on the basis of shape and cultivation. All the varieties are loaded with benefits and the fruit is especially rich in fiber, vitamin C and antioxidant content. Take a look at the nutritional information (for a medium-sized tangerine, about 80 gm in weight) for a better insight into its nutritional content…

Nutrition Content
Fat: 0.25 gm
Protein: 0.68 gm
Fiber: 1.5 gm
Sugar: 8 gm
Calcium: 31 mg
Sodium: 2 mg
Iron: 0.13 mg
Vitamin: C 22 mg

Role of Tangerines in Weight Loss

As you can see from the nutritional values given above, these citrus fruits are very low on the fat and calorie content. Thus eating them wouldn’t add to the deposited fat in the body, and the calories would also burn easily with very little effort.

They are high on fiber content and contain a good amount of soluble and insoluble fiber. Pectin, which is a kind of complex carbohydrate is found in tangerines, and it will keep you full for a considerable amount of time. The fruit is also high on calcium and studies suggest that calcium apart from its benefit toward bones helps in weight loss.

The effectiveness in weight loss is also supported by science, and scientists are of the opinion that the flavonones, a kind of flavonoid, helps in the control of obesity. Flavonones are abundantly found in tangerines.

We can thus conclude that, the low fat and carbohydrates in tangerines and its richness in vitamins and fiber works positively for weight loss. Consuming them daily would keep your hunger suppressed for a long time. Tangerines with their richness are a must have food in your weight loss program. Because apart from their role in weight loss, they have a multitude of other health benefits. So consume this easy to peel and yummy fruit daily for a fit and healthy life.