Dry Grapes for Weight Loss

The desire to lose weight makes people find, try and invent different techniques for weight loss! Sometimes, the techniques show results, and sometimes they just fail or end up showing the reverse effects. Thus, one should be very careful prior to using any of the weight loss techniques. Many people have the misconception that dry grapes help with weight loss. But it is a big myth. The facts have been presented below. Have a look.

Raisins or dry grapes, as the name suggests, are ‘dried’ grapes. They come under the category of dry fruits, are high in energy, and make a healthy snack option. They are a popular snack option all over the world, and are well-known for their nutritional benefits. Dry grapes offer the following chief nutritional benefits – help in the development of strong eyes and bones, and have a role to play in relief from constipation. The health benefits of raisins for the overall body are thus huge, and there are few areas where raisins do not show their effectiveness. Consumption of raisins is thus very benefiting for the body. But what about the role of these in weight loss? Given below is a detailed discussion.


100 gm of raisins contain about 250 calories. Thus, it makes them a rich source of energy. Sucrose and fructose are the chief ingredients in raisins that help in weight gain. Yes, weight gain! Raisins, like all other dry fruits, are used for gaining weight. The numerous ingredients in raisins help in the absorption of various nutrients, amino acids, and proteins in the body. But the discussion doesn’t stop here, and it also doesn’t mean that people who want to lose weight shouldn’t eat raisins. Everything in proportion is always good. If not with weight loss, they will at least help a person with other benefits, which we had mentioned earlier.

But don’t expect weight loss benefits from raisins. Eating excess of raisins will actually make you gain weight. The daily minimum calorie requirement of a person is around 1200 calories. The calories should come from various sources like proteins, carbohydrates and fats (which are present in food we consume). If weight loss is your aim, the calories from fat should be restricted and be kept to a minimum. If you consume excess of these, and have no physical activity, the deposition of fat will slowly increase. But what if you do a good amount of physical activity? Then raisins can be consumed for sure. Start your action packed day by consuming a handful of dry grapes. Eating them will keep your hunger at bay for a long time. The fiber in raisins help in the digestion process, which actually works for weight loss.

Dry grapes as such are a very healthy food item. Their richness lies in the fact that they are a good source of energy. Consumption of a handful of raisins daily will actually benefit you, and instill a zeal of energy in you. But if you just consume the raisins, and don’t do any physical exercise, weight gain awaits you. So consume this tiny but very nutritious food in proportion, and in combination with enough physical exercise. They actually might not help with weight loss but give you tons of energy to do physical activities.